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BLAW LLP represents plaintiffs facing important challenges.

One thing is for sure. Our clients need an attorney with experience and skill. Experience that allows the right choices to be made at the right time. A skill that allows the right choices to be made effectively. Filing the complaint that starts the action. At motion hearings. At trial. At arbitrations. At mediation. During each of these events, an effective litigator must match experience with skill. Outcomes depend on it.

​BLAW LLP has built a career out of path-breaking litigation. Against some of the biggest companies in the United States.

BLAW LLP successfully represented a group of Iraqi families against Blackwater after the Nisoor Square massacre in Baghdad. BLAW LLP successfully represented families after people died at the International Paper plant fire in Stuart, Virginia. BLAW LLP represented a hard-working father after a worksite accident left him paralyzed.

BLAW LLP successfully represented one of the largest banks in the United States after it failed because the bank’s auditor improperly accounted for the bank’s loan transactions. BLAW LLP successfully challenged the takeover of a technology company by a venture capital firm in the Delaware Chancery Court. BLAW LLP successfully represented a NASDAQ company against its “Big Four” accountant after the Wall Street Journal questioned the accuracy of the company’s financial statements. BLAW LLP successfully represented a senior team of Dell Computer executives against a hedge fund that sold them fraudulent investments. BLAW LLP successfully represented the owners a charcoal company after they were sold an abusive and unlawful tax shelter investment.

In all likelihood, this will be the only time you select a plaintiff’s attorney. It is an important choice and one that should be based on information and performance. We typically work on a contingent fee basis. Very few law firms will take a business case on contingency.


Legal Practices Area


Business Tort Litigation

We represent individuals and businesses in state and federal courts, business courts, and the Delaware Chancery Court


Financial Fraud

We represent the victims of investment or securities fraud and embezzlement.


Personal Injury/Nursing Home Negligence, Wrongful Death

We represent victims and their families injured by the carelessness and negligence of others.


Abusive Tax Shelters

We represent taxpayers improperly advised to invest in abusive tax shelters.e


Health Care Law

We always represents individuals a complete legal services for your Healthcare.


Professional Malpractice

We represent plaintiffs injured by the negligence of professionals, such as investment advisors, accountants, auditors, and attorneys


Forensic Investigation

If you have been injured or are the victim of fraud, we work with experts to get to the bottom of the problem and to develop the evidence you will need to prove your case.


Whistle Blower Action

We represent whistleblowers against employers engaged in fraud against the government.

Why Choose Us

We Are Awards Winning Company


Client-Focused Solutions

It’s quite possible that many legal professionals will read the title of this blog post and think, “of course our firm is client-focused! What other focus would we have?” The true answer to that question is not pretty. Remember, I practiced law for over a dozen years and therefore I know a few of the dirty little secrets that exist within law firms.


Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity is about respecting and valuing difference and including people of different:

  1. sex (male/female/intersex)

  2. gender identities, eg transgender or gender non-coforming

  3. age

  4. race and ethnicity

  5. neurodiversity

  6. education and background

  7. weight or physical appearance

  8. religion

  9. physical ability


Inclusion means creating a work environment where all employees are treated fairly, respectfully and can fully contribute to the success of the business. It means providing equal access to opportunities and resources regardless of an individual’s diversity characteristics (as listed above).


Women’s Empowerment

While we are aware that we cannot solve all the problems our society faces, we at CDH do not see that as an excuse to shy away from our duties and have committed to playing our part as a matter of firm culture rather than mere lip service


Recent Case Studies

Contracts & Transactions

Financial Regulation

Mergers & Acquisitions

Organized Crime

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